Our Marketing Plan

Getting your home sold in today’s market takes a little more elbow grease than it did during the housing boom in the early 2000s.  As you probably already know the real estate market is cyclical in nature.  But did you also know that the industry changes frequently as major factors effect changes in how things are done?  A few of these factors over the years have been the introduction to the concepts of the buyer’s agent, personal computers, the internet, IDX integration (your ability as a consumer to view homes online, etc), and smart phones.  These constant changes effect how buyers find homes and how the real estate process works.  This makes it even more important to find a qualified listing agent who is on top of what is going on in the market and how to attract the most amount of buyers with the current technologies.

Marketing that Works

When I market a home for sale I want to make sure it is 100% visible to any and all potential buyers who are looking for a home.  Given the fact that over 90% of buyers begin their home search online I focus my efforts and marketing there.  My homes for sale are listed on hundreds of websites and search engines for local, national, and international buyers to see.  I also use tried and true methods that agents used in the past that still remain effective today.

Pricing & Honesty

The most important part of the marketing plan is pricing.  If you list your home too high you will deter buyers from even seeing your house and you will likely help your neighbors to sell their house.  Since the market determines the value of your home I take an exhaustive look at what the best pricing strategy will be to meet your financial needs and timing requirements.  I look to be honest and upfront in the beginning so you know what to expect even at the risk of losing the opportunity to represent you.  I would rather say no to you now than let you down later.

Valuing the Relationship & Communication

I also value my relationship with you and your family.  Every home is unique as well as the family that lives in it.  I want to know your overall goals and plans so that I can make sure the selling process works with you, your work schedule, family life and timelines.  The process of preparing yourself, staging your house, keeping it looking perfect for showings, and planning the move can be stressful so making a good plan and sticking to it is key!  Communication with your agent is absolutely essential and that’s why I place such a high level of importance on maintaining open lines on a regular basis.

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